I wake up every day inspired to make an impact in other people's lives so that they can be encouraged to do the same for others. 



After more than a decade in the landscape architecture industry, working for a top fortune 500 firm and several small award-winning land planning boutiques, in 2012 I decided to start my own design studio and begin focusing on high-end residential design.

Armed with my experience and knowledge, I built a small design practice of my own in Fort Collins Colorado and began helping entrepreneurs navigate the dangerous waters of running their own landscape design studios by sharing the very resources I created for my own studio through online training courses.

Starting in 2016, I massively shifted my focus to the big, glaring gap I saw in the corporate marketplace: the availability of resources, strategy, and the proper mindset. Today, I focus on helping digital CEOs and entrepreneurs just like you through itsdavidschmidt.com.  

The bottom line? Building a successful online business to share the resources I have learned has given me the ability to chase the dream of helping others.

My mission is simple:

"I show other entrepreneurs how to make an impact doing what they’re good at by building a personal brand and enjoying the freedom and dream of being a digital CEO."

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