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announcement Nov 01, 2018

Hi friends, Greg here. 

I wanted to let you know something I have been up to. Recently, I partnered with another landscape architect friend of mine David Schmidt to do something CRAZY! We have decided to put together a career booster for landscape architects and landscape designers - we are calling it Plans For the Future. 

Read more about it at - 

We are gearing it toward improving how designers run their businesses and the systems they use. We started talking and figured out that with our combined 30+ years of experience in the industry, we might have something extremely valuable to share. Actually a whole bunch of things! So we decided to give those in our industry a career boost!

This will be for landscape architects and/or designers who:

  1. A) are planning to or recently struck out on their own and would love essentially a 10-year boost in their career path or...
  2. B) have been in business for a while for themselves, have the clients coming in and are overwhelmed with all the work and generally need help taming the chaos of technology-information-overload, client relationships, and the to-do list or...
  3. C) are farther along in their career path and have hit a plateau realizing that there must be a better way to leverage their career experience and today's technology to actually attract and do the work that is fulfilling and financially rewarding.

There are so many things that did not get taught to us in school about being out on your own!  We had great classes that taught us to design (for other people). We are not planning to teach design and assume you have got that covered. Designers aren't automatically business minded. Our internships didn't always teach us how to run a firm. 

We plan to teach real-world professional practices such as running a business, how to get and keep new clients (and which ones you don't want), learning practices that work, how to communicate with clients, and how to manage the work and the relationships that come with it. 

We have taken off the blinders and gone outside of our industry (and the Matrix) to find tools and processes that work. I am so excited to share these tips and tricks and coach fellow landscape architects along the path that I know will be amazing. We will be sharing proven processes, checklists, scripts, and teaching trade secrets that we have learned from many sources over many years.

I am so excited that we are will be releasing our first class "Starting your landscape design business" on December 1, 2018!  It will be completely online, so the dress code is pajama casual. 

In preparation, I am asking to get your help passing the word around to at least one person who might fit this description or who you think could benefit from this material. It is geared toward landscape architects, architects, or other designers who will be able to adapt the information to be super-helpful for the growth of their business.

Again visit to learn more.  

We will also be setting up a private Facebook group for our founding members that will be a collection of people that are geared toward making their industry soar. These founding members will get special 1st version pricing and will see the course grow as we gain valuable feedback. 

The old way of learning this stuff is usually through the school of hard knocks. Most of the things we are going to give our fellow designers are things that if only we would’ve learned on day one would have been the express elevator to the penthouse. I guess better late than never right? 

Thanks for sticking with me to the end of my ramblings... I'm just so pumped!

Greg Bland - Chief Operating Officer


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